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Welcome to Barborka House

I’m so glad you’re here. If you love home decor, planning beautiful events, delicious recipes, and creative DIY projects, you are in the right place. This is a fun outlet for me to do more of what I love, so thanks for checking it out. I hope that you get inspired to create a sanctuary and a place to make memories with your loved ones. 

About Us

Aubree Barborka is a wife to Brett, mom to Treyton and Cole, and homemaker from Mapleton, Utah. She has always believed that “home” is a sanctuary to make memories with your loved ones. 

Aubree came from a home of creatives and hard workers. Growing up, her Dad taught her how to paint a room, use power tools safely, and how to bring her creative ideas to life to share with the world. Aubree’s mom inspired her love of cooking and showed her how to use good food to bless those around her. Her mom is also the person who always demonstrated that you can learn anything you want to learn, women are capable of doing anything, with or without a man’s help, and there is a solution to any problem that comes your way. Aubree’s family is very close and gathers often to enjoy each others company or to compete in an intense board game accompanied by all the smack talk and arguing that such activities entail.

Bringing People Together

Bringing people together is something Aubree is very passionate about. She believes there is always a reason to celebrate and there is no occasion too small to make into a party. Wether you do it casually or make it an elaborate event, cultivating lasting relationships with friends and family is such a crucial part of living life to the fullest.

Aubree is grateful for the opportunity to share with you different ways to make the world a more beautiful place through interior design, hosting and celebrating, meals that are as delicious as they are stylish, and adding unique personal touches that you create yourself. She hopes that you will find something that inspires you to make something beautiful in your world today.

Latest News

Butternut Squash Soup

Several years ago, my mom and I hosted a bridal shower in the fall and decided to serve a variety of soups and salads to our guests. We all have our “go to” recipes, but we wanted to try something fresh and new that we had never done before or even seen anyone else do...

Homemade Pizza Party

We are the kind of family who love traditions. Some of our traditions seem to be pretty "standard", while a few others are kind of unique and a little crazy. Butt, the fun kind of crazy. This year, I was realizing that we don't really have any traditions for...